​Tarot Card Reading as a Tool For Creativity And Inspiration

Writing songs? Producing music? Composing short stories? Drawing? Whatever your craft is, it’s perfectly normal to feel like you lack inspiration at times. It happens to everyone out there. You have inspirational bursts every now and then when you have to create, then you have moments of emptiness.

While every artist out there has their own ways to boost creativity and find inspiration, few think about the beneficial properties of tarot cards. A professional tarot reading can prevent frustration and clear out the block. Of course, there are a bunch of strategies you can apply, too. Here’s what you need to know.

Reflect on a single tarot card

You can do this yourself or reach a psychic reader. There are more types of spreads out there, but one of them stands out with its simplicity. A single card, that’s all you need. Each card has its own meaning and symbolism.

Your relationship with the respective card is like your relationship with anything else, personal. It could be you pulling that card or a professional. The message must be interpreted according to your unique circumstances, especially in terms of art. Each card has a general meaning, but it must be adjusted.

How do you reflect on that card? Simple. Take a look at it. What’s its name? What is the artwork like? What does the scene represent? You’ll need to identify the characters in the card, as well as the emotions associated with them and the symbolism.

 The challenge here is to incorporate all these aspects into your next project. Do it right, and you’ll be surprised with the outcome.

Move on to a full spread

While the single card move is quite effective and will challenge your mind a little with a message from the universe, you can also take things a bit further and opt for a full tarot spread. It makes no difference what your art is, a tarot spread will give you extra layers of details to create something unique.

People using tarot readings choose a spread when a single card is just not enough. A spread offers many more details, but it can also feel a bit overwhelming. Try this technique if you’ve already gone for the single card pull.

Once again, you can have a professional psychic give you a reading, or you can get your own tarot card deck. There are more types of spreads out there. Choose whatever suits you if you do it yourself, or let a psychic do whatever feels comfortable for them.

 Analyze the cards based on their meanings and stimulate your mind to go on from there.

 In terms of spreads, there are three easy and simple options:

 Classic past, present, and future to find a story for a character, a plot for your act, or an emotion for your song.

  • Mix tarot cards with another similar tool in a way that feels comfortable and detailed enough for your creative block.

  • If there are characters in your type of art, do a yes or no tarot reading for the respective character and make up a story based on the result.

Defining a project with a tarot card reading

Inspiration blockages arise when least expected, regardless of what you’re trying to do. But then, inspiration also comes when least expected. You could be messing with a guitar, cooking something, or perhaps playing with your pet. It’s random and often difficult to find.

This strategy is excellent if you lack inspiration for a long period of time and you struggle to find your path. You can draw cards yourself, or you can ask a psychic to do it. The benefit of using a psychic is you’ll also get a more professional interpretation. Either way, write down the cards you get.

 Sometimes, a simple spread won’t give you any clues. This is the perfect time to mix ideas and thoughts to come up with something unique.

Now, what exactly are you trying to get? What kind of details do you need? You need to write all these things down. Maybe you’re after an idea or perhaps an emotional tone for your art. Maybe you need a new character, or you need a backstory.

No matter how many issues you have or what they’re about, you’ll need a card for each of them. Stimulate your brain to get a bit creative by associating a card to each situation and interpreting it based on those circumstances.

Keep writing everything down, and ideas will inevitably kick in out of nowhere.

Cross-play your imagination and creativity

At this point, you’ll have to see tarot cards as a training tool. Some people train in a gym, others go on a bicycle for miles. When you run out of creativity, you can just get a bunch of different ideas from different environments, as well as different psychic readers.

It depends on your craft. If you paint, try writing a short novel. If you write, try sculpting. If you sculpt, try writing a poem. If you write poems, try designing clothes. No matter what you’re into, try something else. It has to be something that looks cool and feels good, or you’ll lose interest.

To help with your creativity, try to use this new craft to recreate what the tarot card gave you. Recreate the artwork in one way or another. If you’re interested in writing, write a short story about the main character or perhaps the actual card.

Try to find items related to the card and put them together in a sculpture. How about a totally new image for that respective card? How about your own unique interpretation? Write down how you feel about it, that’s also an exercise.

As you can see, there are plenty of ideas out there. Creativity blocks are temporary, and it’s up to you to overcome them as quickly as possible. What works for some people won’t work for everyone else, so you need to experiment a little and find your own path.​